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For planning business activities based on a particular location, it becomes necessary to use a technology that can map geographic areas and facilitate integrating business data to those location mappings. Through this, a lot of business information and statistics can be presented on maps, which can present a more easily decipherable picture of the information under analysis.

Through geocoding services, Geomarks assigns coordinates to businesses and customer concentrations from its database using GIS tools, which gives businesses a fair idea about trends and distributions in a particular aspect, product or services in respective locations. Geocoding activities are taken up by implementing:

  • Survey Method
  • Automated Geocoding using GIS tools
  • Semi Automatic Geocoding service

The geocoding activity helps in locating the customers for the business across regions. Studies in common patterns of product demand and acceptance integrated to geographical area mapping can give easily comprehendible information. This can in turn lead to having good real time, on the ground insight which in turn can lead to apt business strategies and decisions. Geomarks can bring this about in a short time, benefitting businesses immensely.

Adding up to basic geographical analysis and mapping, leading to visual representation of business information under analysis, 3D visualization technology is implemented by Geomarks for businesses to get a real world view on the projected proposals and plans to be implemented in a location of interest. So if a client can be shown a 3D virtual model of a new building project under consideration in a particular location, the pros and cons and the level of feasibility and benefit from the implementation can be easily communicated and understood.

The integration of 3D technology into such vital business planning adds immense value to the exercise. Geomarks brings this technology to its client businesses to make good of advanced technology in geolocation to present scenarios and projections in a far better and realistic way.


A method of locating places on a geolocating system, RF mapping does geolocating with the help of radio/mobile tower frequencies to pinpoint people. Very effective method in mobile devices, its use in business applications goes where the customer reach is actuated via mobile devices. The use of this method to generate geolocation maps may work less accurately compared to GPS systems, based on satellite. But the everyday improvements is making it perform better and more accurately.

Geomarks provide high resolution RF Maps of 2.5 meters, 5 meters, 15 Meters, 20 Meters and 30 meters resolution with as many as 22 classes for wireless network planning, RF planning, RF network planning and optimization. The system has impressive features viz.

  • Customizable, modular and scalable layers:
  • Clutter Maps
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • Vector Maps
  • GeoCoded Places
  • Satellite and Aerial Orthorectified Imagery
  • Fully compatible with all major RF planning tools like Aircom, NetAct, TEMS, Planet, MapInfo/Vertical Mapper , Celplan, Forsk Atoll, etc.

Our Agriculture map data products are designed for organisations and users for their sales and distributions strategies based on various factors. The combination of location, census and agricultural information makes these maps a powerful tool for the users looking for making location based intelligent decisions. Using our GIS map data you can position the right kind of product for the right region and with help of the attached census data you can strategise your sales and distribution network. It is utilized across all industries for Business/Sales Planning, Channel Management, Customer Relationship Management, Demographic Analysis, and Geocoding / Reverse Geocoding applications, etc.

Our Map data consits of

  • Village Boundaries
  • Tehsil/Block Boundaries
  • District Boundaries
  • State Boundaries

The Map data comes with the following attributes

  • Populations as per Census 2011
  • Average annual Rainfall
  • Average Rainy Days
  • River Basin
  • Soil Cover
  • Cropping intensity
  • Cropping pattern
  • Agro Climatic region
  • Ground water availability
  • Hydrology
  • Land holdings pattern
  • Crop coverage major crops

To meet the increasing demand for skilled man power, Geomarks has the capabilities to help organizations in finding manpower suiting their requirements.