About Us

Geomarks gives businesses expert advice on various functional aspects of business with the assistance of GIS (Geographical Information System) and implementation of geolocational technology. The solutions the company provides gives business enterprises information and intelligence into aspects like customer distribution, product/service acceptance, operational strategy and more, to as minute a geographic level as a village/ward, tehsil/city, district and PIN code. This approach to analyzing trends and actualities, which is represented in geographic terms, helps businesses formulate more realistic, feasible and effective strategies to promote business in different desirable locations.

The services the company provide are essentially based on the large pool of business and market data with geographic reference. This data can be analyzed and studied before making plans and investments to carry out operational and promotional activities.

The company provides solutions that fits best in a local parlance in various facets of business viz.

  • Sales planning, wherein sales strategies that suits the particular region, can be formulated and implemented for greatest returns.
  • Distribution network designing, that is assisted by geographical data analysis that suggests the best plan to route distribution to reach products in a timely yet economic manner
  • Competitor mapping, wherein identification of competitors is done and charted based on geographical regions. This kind of identification and analysis makes it easy for businesses to identify competitive factors in play and make suitable strategies to tackle them.
  • Advertisement campaigning, in which geolocation based customer study is involved. The approach proves very effective in understanding locational factors that the businesses can utilize to determine the best advertising strategy that can be formulated for product/service promotion.
  • Marketing activities planning, which needs understanding of existing distribution of potential customers in various geographical locations. A unique marketing strategy will work only after formulating it with a thorough understanding of the location where it is put to action.
  • Planning operational efficiency based on geographical factors, involving consideration of distances, auxiliary services available, infrastructure and related factors.
  • New branch roll out, for which definite understanding of the feasibility and workability has to be done so that good return on investment from the new branch can be ensured. In case there is ambiguity, other approaches to operations like local partnerships and franchisees can be implemented until the time is right.

Geomarks caters to industries including Telecom, Insurance, FMCG, Automobile, Real Estate, Health, Finance.